Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Coffee Sales

Gram Magazine, a free publication around Australia with local content in the capital cities is a Cafe magazine distributed into 1000's of Cafes.
Here's our Grata Espresso ad in the December issue.

Bendigos own roaster

Like Grata Espresso in your Cafe?  

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Award Winning Decaf!

Custom Coffees Award winning Decaf.
A comment from one of our clients in Palm Cove QLD.

"..excuse me you've made a mistake, this isn't decaf."

Oh yes it is! Swiss Water Decaf.
Available either whole beans or ground.

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Wholesale Coffee For Cafe's

Custom Coffees can offer your Restaurant, Café or Club one or more of our complete range of Premium Gourmet Coffee Blends at discount rates for volume through our Wholesale Coffee Online page.
Whether you’re after a Premium Coffee Blend, Single Origin Coffee, Fair Trade Coffee or Organic Coffee, Custom Coffees will have a perfect blend for your needs and give your establishment the edge over your competition by serving the best gourmet coffee money can buy.
Custom Coffees will work closely with you to establish what best suits your situation and offer solutions to your particular needs, because everyone is important and everyone is different, whether that be wholesale coffee for restaurants, wholesale coffee for cafes or wholsale coffee for clubs.
Being a client of Custom Coffee rewards you with not only the best coffee available, but the service, backup and commitment that Custom Coffees is known for.

Custom Coffees

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Bombora Blend

Full bodied, and very full flavour. Bombora is a deep, smooth Mocha style with a caramel aroma, and deep cherry/ chocolate notes. Understated acidity, & a bittersweet crema fill the palate, while slightly untamed, wild coffee characters from hand picked African Arabicas, and a full roast make this blend highly satisfying.
8 Source coffees include: Nicaragua, India, Uganda

Buy Coffee On Line.

Buy Coffee Online

 Delivered to your door, we have a range of gourmet coffee beans including classic blends, single origins or fair trade artisan coffee.

Custom Coffees a reputation for superlative gourmet coffees; these are now available to retail customers at home. 

Grata Espresso coffee on line

Buy Coffee Online.

Grata Espresso. A big part of Custom Coffees.

Grata Espresso is uniquely roasted to produce rich, balanced flavours, that are full, sweet, silky smooth and soft on the palate.
Located in Bendigo, Grata Espresso is Victoria’s first coffee roaster to operate outside of Melbourne.

We have a wealth of experience in coffee and coffee equipment, and currently hold over 60 varietals of raw coffee beans sourced from all over the globe. From this diverse gene pool we create our specialty blends and various single origin coffees. These include certified Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Swiss Water decaf, and organic coffees. We can even develop your own signature blend for your cafe or restaurant.