Monday, 24 June 2013

San Remo Amalfi Deluxe - High Group!

Grata Espresso and san remo expresso

Mathew, (with the accent  - trained in the U.S.!)  CCHQ's in house technician, setting up the new SanRemo Amalfi Deluxe (high group)  for a new client.  At Custom Coffees we don't just ship espresso machines out, oh no, they are all adjusted for your specific CC blend and bench tested for two days. Then thoroughly cleaned - inside and out - delivered and setup by our own technicians.
This one's sold, but we can get another!!

AMALFI - 2 group maximum height 18cm clearance
Tall Cup, Attractive and Stylish Traditional Espresso Machine;

New to the SanRemo traditional espresso machine range to fit with the growing popularity of the large cup and takeaway coffee sector.  Available in SanRemo classic red or sleek and sophisticated black, the Amalfi 2 group has been constructed to provide users with a simple to operate, robust attractive machine that will deliver fantastic coffee even in the toughest of environments.

San Remo Espresso San Remo Amalfi and Custom Coffees
Fold down the tray to take smaller cups. Beautiful results again from the SanRemo. We are always very  impressed with San Remo equipment and highly recommend them.
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