Monday, 13 January 2014

FairTrade Coffee

One of our FairTrade Organic Bends.

Grata Espresso fairtrade coffees

Fairtrade coffee ensures that the farmers who grow the coffee beans are paid a fair price for what they produce. Not only is this equitable and helps to ensure better conditions for workers, but it means farmers are better able to afford to feed their families, educate their children, and reinvest money back into their farms to further develop them.  Fairtrade coffee helps people in developing countries help themselves.
There are many Fairtrade certified products available around the world. Coffee is one of the most popular, as many of the world’s least developed countries rely on coffee revenue, where in some instances it makes up nearly 80% of exports. On this larger scale, Fairtrade coffee helps ensure these nations have the resources to look after their people and develop their economies. Our Fairtrade coffee—whether blended or single origin—is also organic, so it cares for people as well as the environment– better for the farmers and better for you!

The countries from which we source our Fairtrade coffee are:
  • East Timor
  • Ethiopia
  • PNG
  • Peru
  • Indonesia
  • Brazil
Grata Espresso Fairtrade coffees
Custom Coffees are registered, certified and annually audited by FairTrade Australia & New Zealand. 

Only businesses as such can legally display or claim to use the FairTrade branding or logo.

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Back into it for 2014!

Grata Espresso Roasting tubs
60kg tubs all ready...
Tubs all lined up for todays roasting schedule. Back a few days early to make sure sure we have plenty of coffee for Mondays reopening after the Christmas clean out! This gives the coffee four days to degas before shipment, you want it fresh but not too fresh..

Christmas for Custom Coffees is always a busy time. For the three weeks leading up to our  break, this year started the 21st December, we have to prepare for being shut down for two weeks. Three weeks of coffee needs to go out in one week. This always takes some planning starting months before.

Custom Coffees has over 30 coffee varietals on the floor. Factory stores staff have to order a minimum 3 months in advance from our suppliers, and we always have two months of raw coffee supply in our factory and storage areas - so five months earlier we need to start to ramp up to cope with three weeks of coffee going out in the last week before Christmas shut

fastway Max at Grata Espresso
I know Max, its nearly over...

Ask Max, he knows all about the week before our Christmas break..

Grata espresso Fairtrade organic coffee
Fairtrade Organic Coffee.   Beautiful FTO Seven Blend.

Going to be another big year for CCHQ me thinks, got a few things on the go...