Friday, 28 June 2013

Central Victorian Barista Championships. Sponsored by Custom Coffees Bendigo.

Grata Espresso and Barista Championships
Brett Henery, Zhoe Jess and Zoe Ellis kick off the Barista Championships.

Zhoe Jess, area manager for the Golden Plate Awards, Custom Coffees Sales Manager Brett Henery, and Zoe Ellis, Custom Coffees customer service guru launch the 
2013 Central Victorian Barista Championships. 

Restaurant, Cafe and pub entrants in  the Golden Plate awards can enter their barista/s for a chance to become the regional champion. Additionally this year, the Golden Plate Awards have teamed up with the Australasian  Speciality Coffee Associations to have this event a part of their prestigious competition circuit to ultimately find Australia's best Barista! The winner from each of the Golden Plate Award regions will go through to the Victorian championships.

Custom Coffees is very proud to be the sponsor  for this exciting and prestigious event.
Get your entries in.     Contact Zhoe Jess.

More on where and when soon...

Monday, 24 June 2013

San Remo Amalfi Deluxe - High Group!

Grata Espresso and san remo expresso

Mathew, (with the accent  - trained in the U.S.!)  CCHQ's in house technician, setting up the new SanRemo Amalfi Deluxe (high group)  for a new client.  At Custom Coffees we don't just ship espresso machines out, oh no, they are all adjusted for your specific CC blend and bench tested for two days. Then thoroughly cleaned - inside and out - delivered and setup by our own technicians.
This one's sold, but we can get another!!

AMALFI - 2 group maximum height 18cm clearance
Tall Cup, Attractive and Stylish Traditional Espresso Machine;

New to the SanRemo traditional espresso machine range to fit with the growing popularity of the large cup and takeaway coffee sector.  Available in SanRemo classic red or sleek and sophisticated black, the Amalfi 2 group has been constructed to provide users with a simple to operate, robust attractive machine that will deliver fantastic coffee even in the toughest of environments.

San Remo Espresso San Remo Amalfi and Custom Coffees
Fold down the tray to take smaller cups. Beautiful results again from the SanRemo. We are always very  impressed with San Remo equipment and highly recommend them.
Want to know more? Phone Brett: 0413 321 899

Friday, 21 June 2013

The Little French Deli & Grata Espresso.

The Little French Deli524 Nepean Highway
3196 Bonbeach Victoria

Grata Espresso at The Little French Deli
Romain at work.   The Little French Deli - Bonbeach Victoria

Grata Espresso Vespa Blend now available at Bonbeach.

...un peu de France dans votre assiette...... a little bit of France on your plate ...
the story
"The Little French Deli is a love story between a French engineer, Romain and an architecture student, Aurelia both desperate to find some good smoked salmon for their first Christmas together, the type that we eat in France, the one that melts in the mouth and that we never get enough of.
So here it is: The Little French Deli it is a love story, a friendship story and a dedicated passion for great food! ".... and now superb coffee too! Well done boys.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Grata Espresso & Quarry Hill Cafe and Larder. Bendigo.

Mia, barista extraordinaire
at Quarry Hill Cafe & Larder.  Bendigo.

Beautiful Grata Espresso Coffee.

I assure you, it tasted as good as it looked.

Grata Espresso

Grata Espresso.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Milk in Espresso Coffee

Australians drink an average of 106 liters of cow’s milk per year and this figure is climbing, mostly due to the continuing uptake of milk-based coffees. 
Milk is a colloid (micro emulsion) of butterfat globules within a water-based fluid that contains dissolved carbohydrates and protein aggregates with minerals.  100 gm's of full cream milk comprises of around 88g water, 3.9g fat, 3.6g fatty acids, 4.8g Lactose (the sugar form of Carbohydrate), 14mg of cholesterol and 120mg of calcium. 
The amount of fat within the milk will generally dictate its sweetness and full mouth silky feel. 

Interestingly, sheep's milk contains 6 gm's of fat…wonder what that would taste like in a coffee? Hmm…

Heating milk for coffee.

Espresso machines use a steam wand to both heat and aerate the milk creating micro bubbles within the milk structure giving a dense, smooth, silky texture to the milk. This process is commonly known as ‘stretching the milk’ as the volume in the jug will increase due to the heating and aeration. In heating the milk, a chemical reaction is taking place within. The whey proteins and casein proteins start to break down with the applied heat; this affects their ability to continue to be aerated into micro foam. You only have one chance to get it right, heat the milk too much and you’ll scorch or possibly boil it making it taste burnt, watery and unpalatable, not heated enough, < 60C, and the micro foam may have not fully developed leaving flat warm milk. Never reheat milk; the proteins have already been denatured and you will be unable to re-foam it. You'll be serving flat, poor tasting coffee.
Grata espresso microfoam
Micro Foam. Should look like a jug of paint.

Heat cold fresh good quality full cream milk keeping the steam nib just below the milk's surface and create a whirlpool effect. Heat to around 60 – 70C using a thermometer or a heat sensitive calibrated jug (see below) to build the silky micro foam you're looking for.  Don't heat the milk too quickly, just open the steam tap 1/2 a turn.  Heating past 70C the milk will continue to break down and taste watery and potentially scold the customer’s mouth.  At around 100C, (remember its 88% water) you’ll boil it.

Judging the amount of fresh cold milk you need each time is the art, do not reheat left over milk for coffee! 
Keep all things milk related clean, fresh and cold - jugs included. Better you have a reputation for great coffee than save a few cents reheating left over denatured milk.


Speaking of Heat Calibrated Frothing Jugs:

Milk jug custom coffees

Available now at Custom Coffees Bendigo.  
600ml  & 1 liter for commercial or home use.
Inquire here. 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Monin Syrups For Cafe's

Custom Coffees and Monin Syrups
Custom Coffees's Brett Henry & Kyle Gibbs at MICE 2013

Another of our suppliers at this years Melbourne International Coffee Expo was Monin Syrups.

Custom Coffees is the Central Victorian distributor for Monin Syrups and we have quite a display at H.Q. in Bendigo. Pictured here with Brett is Kyle Gibbs, he has provided CCHQ a box of glossy brochures with the Monin Syrup collection for Cafe's with guides to show how to use them correctly in your cafe'.

If you'd like a copy, I know some of you already have them, drop us a line and we'll add them to your next delivery of coffee.

P.S You'll note on the table Monin Raspberry Tea? We tried some of that with iced water (in the pitcher far right), we all loved it! Would be great with a sparkling mineral water on a hot day!
We ordered a box of those too.

Now in stock. Be quick

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