Tuesday, 29 October 2013

New Custom Coffees Retail Area

Grata Espresso HQ
Set to go. CCHQ in Mayfair Park Bendigo.

After a lot of planning and work over the past 12 months or so, finally our new Custom Coffees / Grata Espresso  / Nuova Caffe larger retail area is up and running. 

The domestic retail sector has always  formed a small but growing part of Custom Coffees overall customer base over the years, so together with the increasing demand online for our products, this expansion allows us to better cater for those growing markets and also importantly frees up valuable floor space in the factory area that we are fast running out of.  

Nine very dedicated CC staff work tirelessly to bring all our coffee partners around Australia the very best in Artisan Gourmet coffees, together with everything else our wholesale customers have come to expect and deliver  the superlative level of service they deserve.  

All at Custom Coffees look forward to seeing our domestic customers in our sparkling new retail area.  

Some teaser pictures below...


Grata Espresso San Remo Torino
San Remo Torino in the cupping / tasting room.

Grata Espresso San Remo Torino 2

Grata Espresso New HQ
Our first customer after opening the doors...Zoe serving.

Grata Espresso Display Wall
Part of the new display wall..not finished.

Grata Espresso Blend sampler
Small blend sampler.
This will be updated weekly cycling though all 22 blends with weekly specials as well.

Grata Espresso Glass Panels
Glass panels installed this morning...

Grata Espresso Door
Door through to roastery / factory area.

Vincent Van Gogh. 'Cafe Terrace At Night' 

Grata espresso glass panel

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